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Ragnar Risk & Security Services

Ensuring You, Your Assets and Those You Value are Safe and Protected




PSIRA No: 4434543


At Ragnar Risk & Security Services, our vision is to be the foremost provider of cutting-edge security solutions in South Africa, committed to safeguarding our clients and communities through expert personnel and unwavering dedication to excellence in security services



Ragnar Risk and Security Services aims to achieve our vision through next-generation technological solutions, highly trained professionals, unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Ragnar strives to provide our clients with not only the best form of protection but also peace of mind.


Professional • Reliable • Honest

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The "why" behind our brand

Striving for Excellence…

Leveraging over 35 years of industry expertise, Ragnar Risk & Security Services is driven by a commitment to stay on the cutting edge of security solutions be it manned, tactical or security technology.

Our goal is to empower businesses and communities to thrive in peace, assured of comprehensive safety and protection through the application of our proven security solutions.

Whether we are safeguarding you, your loved ones, your business, assets, events, or livelihood, rest assured that partnering with Ragnar Risk & Security Services mitigates safety concerns. Entrusting us with your most valued assets is our specialty. Knowing that we are actively engaged provides you with peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your priorities while we handle the rest.

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated professionals behind RAGNAR Risk and Security Services.

Our team brings together expertise in risk management, security solutions, and client-focused service.

Get to know the faces committed to safeguarding your interests and delivering top-notch security solutions.

Security Services


Acta Non Verba - Deeds not words ...

Ragnar Guaring
  • Security Guard

  • Truck Escort

  • Risk Assessment

  • Riot Control

  • Mine Security

Ragnar Private Investigations
  • Criminal Checks

  • Background Checks

  • CCTV

  • Private Investigator

  • Polygraphs

  • Forensic investigations

  • Crime Scene Cleaning

Ragnar Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards)
  • Drivers

  • Bodyguard (Close Protection Officer)

  • Training (First Aid & Firefighting)

  • Medics

Event Security

Live Events Markets Festivals

  • Event Officers

  • JOC

  • Event Medic

  • Cleaning Services

  • Event Safety Officer

  • Portable Toilets

  • Event Fencing

  • Celebrity Bodyguard

  • Event Risk Assessment

  • Venue and K9 Safety Sweeps


The Ragnar Difference

  • Your safety is our priority.

  • Being there for you when you need us most.

  • Being prepared for any situation regarding your protection.

  • Being reliable and dedicated to you.


VIP Medic

  • Medical Staff which form part of Close Protection Team

  • Accompany VIPs 24/7 and attend to any Medical Concerns


VIP Medic

  • Paramedics to accompany delegations across Border and provide Emergency Medical Care.

  • Coordinate Aero-Medical Repatriations (Fixed and Rotary Wing)

Our Customers

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"Ragnar Security, alongside their impeccable team in black, have seamlessly safeguarded our esteemed clientele at Jenna Clifford events. Their presence exudes sophistication and professionalism, perfectly complementing our opulent brand ethos. From start to finish, their service, presentation, and delivery have been nothing short of exceptional. As the brand manager, I extend my best wishes for their continued success and proudly award them a well-deserved 5-star rating. Here's to a future filled with continued excellence and security partnership at every exclusive Jenna Clifford Event."

Jenna Clifford Jewellery

Ragnar Risk & Security Services

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YOUR personal safety and safeguarding who and what you value is our priority, results driven.

“Excellence is our mission”

 The RAGNAR Team

Ragnar Risk & Security Services
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